Add Final Exam Grade to E1 Term

As the end approaches, you need to ensure that your final exam scores fall under the E1 category. This allows administrators and accreditors to compare final exam and term scores across the school.

S1= Semester grade (final exam + non-final exams)
T1= All grades without the final exam (Aug 19-Dec 11, 2016)
E1 = Final exam scores (Dec 12-16, 2016)

To enter your final exams into the E1 term:

  1. Add an assignment in PowerSchool gradebook.
  2. Fill in all applicable information (points, category, description, etc). Set the due date to fall between 12/12/16 and 12/16/16 even if you give the final before these dates.
  3. Click Save.

If your exam scores were set up properly, you'd see the final exam entries under the E1 reporting term filter. You SHOULD NOT see the final exam scores in the T1 term.

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