Zoom Security Considerations

In order to keep Zoom meetings secure for you and your students, please use these Zoom security settings outlined below. 

Before changing any meeting settings, check that you have:

  • Joined the O’Dowd domain. Your meeting URLs should begin with Email to join.
  • Updated the Zoom app. Instructions here.

If you experience:

Zoom-bombing (uninvited visitors on Zoom)

  • Restrict users to accounts only
  • Enable waiting rooms
  • Require a meeting password
  • Don’t let removed participants rejoin
  • Send a participant into the waiting room
  • Lock a meeting

Students pretending to be other students

  • Restrict users to accounts only
  • Disable setting to change names

Inappropriate chat conversations

  • Restrict users to accounts only
  • Disable setting to change names
  • Disable chat in meeting
  • Enable save chat feature

Uninvited screen sharing/music playing

  • Set default so only host can screenshare
  • Disable screensharing for all participants

Uninvited annotations on your presentation

  • Set “Only the user who is sharing can annotate”
  • Disable attendee annotations
  • Show names of Annotators
  • Disable setting to change names

An unexpected party in your Zoom room

  • Disable “Join before host”
  • Mute participants upon entry
  • Set shortcut to mute all participants

NOTE: For participants of large Zoom events (e.g. back to school night, placement test supervision, guest speaker events, grand reunion for alums etc.), ask the Technology Department in Room 209  ( to generate accounts for registered participants.

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