Must-Know Gradebook Features (09-28-2023)

September 28, 2023

School has been in full swing for just over a month, and we hope that you're getting in the groove of things. We wanted to share some essential gradebook features in Schoology and PowerSchool that can help streamline your workflow.

  • Need to flag a gradeAdd icon identifiers in PS or Schoology (if you sync grades, this will transfer too!)
  • Want to grade faster? Try entry shortcuts in PS or Schoology
  • Need to explain a grade? Add a comment to a score in PS or Schoology (if you sync grades, comment can be marked private or public)

Let's say you messed up your grades, as we all do from time to time. Thankfully, the Schoology gradebook has some features that can prevent some major headaches.

  • Need to edit a lot of assignments? Bulk edit due dates, titles, categories, and more in Schoology.
  • Deleted an assignment grade? Check Schoology's revision history.
  • Deleted an item from your course page? Check your Schoology recycle bin.

Your Instructional Technologists,

Stephanie Eusebio & Kat Muñoz

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