The Difference Between Schoology Test/Quiz vs. Assessments? How to AI-Proof a Test (10-05-2023)

October 5, 2023

You may have noticed that there are multiple test-building tools in Schoology, and maybe you've wondered whether you should create a "Quiz/Test" or an "Assessment". Both have basic online testing features, but here's a quick breakdown of a few of the major differences: 

  • Are you a veteran teacher interested in transitioning from Test/Quiz to Assessments? Transfer a test bank (in Quiz/Test) to become an item bank (in Assessments).
  • New to O'Dowd? Schoology will eventually phase out Quiz/Test, so if you are new to Schoology in general, consider starting off with Assessments.
  • Interested in making your first Schoology testHere are instructions on how to build a Test/Quiz and Assessments. Here are video tutorials for creating Assessments in Schoology.
  • Curious about AI-proofing your tests? While not fully possible, here are some quick tips:
    • Use the video question type to have students record themselves explaining their process
    • Have students analyze a specific argument from a specific in-class discussion using evidence from assigned readings and personal perspective (Bielousouva, 2023)
    • Include a file-upload question so students can upload a picture of their work
    • Promote personal voice by including metacognitive questions with reflective questions (Keith, 2023)
    • Check for plagiarism by creating a Schoology Turnitin external tool assignment instead of Test/Quiz/Assessment
    • Stand in the back of the classroom during online tests

Your Instructional Technologists,

Kat Muñoz and Stephanie Eusebio

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