How Do You Use EdTech? (11-02-2023)

November 2, 2023

When you picture EdTech at O’Dowd, what comes to mind? You probably think about Schoology, PowerSchool, and the handful of Google apps that you use regularly. Besides those, there are a wide range of other EdTech tools, and the use of those can vary across departments and individuals.

This week, we want to highlight some tech that you and your peers are using–whether it’s to boost your own productivity/creativity or support student learning. 

For tech that is unfamiliar yet intriguing to you, we encourage you to do a trial run…you’ll never know if it might enhance your workflow or a student's study habits. As for getting you set up with those tools, Stephanie and I are here to support you.

Some tools that O’Dowd staff are using:



Meetings/Office Hours

Study and Practice Tools

Academic Integrity

We understand that trying out another digital tool while also feeling tech fatigue is a common experience at work. So, how do you go about discovering EdTech tools when it seems like the options are neverending? Start thinking about the needs and challenges that you have, and try out tech that could possibly help you. It's also beneficial to chat with your colleagues and compare notes.

Please chime in on this discussion boardWhich EdTech apps, extensions, or websites do you love? Do you use any of those listed above or something different? Post the tool(s) that you use and your experience with them!

Your Instructional Technologists,

Stephanie Eusebio & Kat Muñoz

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