Google Tools for Student Collaboration (02-22-2024)

February 22, 2024

Note: Since this newsletter was sent, Google has announced that the Jamboard app will be shut down by October 2024. Some whiteboard alternatives are FigJam, Lucidspark, and Miro.

For this tech tip, we want to cover 2 Google tools that have the potential to improve student collaboration in your classes. Some of you might already use these in your courses, so if you do, we’d love to hear from you about what your experience has been.

How could you use these tools? Check out these video tutorials linked below:

  • Google Chat Spaces: Create dedicated spaces for group projects, sharing Google docs, and assigning group tasks. You can create these for your students so that you can participate in their group chats or you can show students how to create their own spaces.
  • Jamboard: Unleash creativity with an interactive whiteboard for brainstorming, visual learning, and real-time co-creation. You can share these whiteboards with your whole class or you could make group Jamboards for small projects.

Try it out!

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