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Bishop O'Dowd High School's campus-wide printing system allows users to send an email with their document attached, and then have it printed out at our FollowMe-Printers.  

This feature allows our students, faculty, and staff to print from any device, not just their computers.  

This feature also allows our Summer Academy visiting students and faculty to be able to print, without having and O'Dowd email account.

Please follow these simple instructions to use Email to Print.


NOTE: Email to Print only works with the following file types:  PDF (.pdf)


1.  Log in to your Bishop O'Dowd High School email account.

2.  Compose a New Message.

3.  Address the email message to:

4.  Attach your document.

5.  Send the email message.

6.  You should receive an email from PaperCut saying that your Email to Print job has been received and is being processed.  

7.  Shortly after that, you should be able to log into any of the FollowMe-Printers and print your document.

If you do not receive an email after a few minutes, please log into the printer to check if your document is there.  Our printers are great about getting your document processed, but not always great at letting you know.


NOTE: Log in to the FollowMe-Printer using your:

O'Dowd Students log in using your 5-digit ID number

O'Dowd Faculty and Staff log in using your 4-digit Copy Code

Visiting Students and Faculty log in using your assigned Copy Code (contact Tech Support if you don't know it)


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