PowerTeacher Pro: Mark Student Grade As Missing-Absent-Zero (MAZ)

In standardizing gradebook communication for absent students, teachers must fill in a zero and missing for the grade and mark two codes: absent & missing.

This alerts students and families that the student needs to make up an assignment (because the grade will drop). As of February 20th, 2019, there is now a quicker way to mark an absent student's missing assignment as a zero in PowerTeacher Pro using a code called MAZ:


  1. In PowerTeacher Pro, navigate to the Scoresheet.
  2. Click on the empty grade box for the student's assignment.
  3. In the numeric box that pops up on the right, click Codes.
  4. Select MAZ. This will give the student a grade of a 0 while also marking them missing and absent for the assignment. You may adjust this grade as needed when the student makes up the work.

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