Start of Semester To Dos

Here is a checklist to help you keep track of what you need to do to start out the semester:

PowerTeacher Pro

___ View Existing Categories
___ Copy past semester grade settings (not applicable for Fall 2020)
___ Create Categories (if applicable)
___ Set up Semester Weights (Required only if your setup is not Term=85% and Final=15%)
___ Apply Category Weights (if applicable)
___ Enter Grades for Assignments
___ Configure Schoology Gradebook Sync (not applicable for Fall 2020)


___ Access Past Courses
___ Rearrange courses in Schoology
___ Follow Schoology Model Course template
___ Add a Course Info Document or a Course Info Survey
___ Import Past Content from Resources
___ Set up grade categories (if applicable)
___ Set up grade weights (if applicable)

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