Create Recurring Zoom Meetings

With an ever-changing schedule, a recurring meeting on Zoom allows you to have a link at the ready to start class, any day at any time. Hide yours at the top of your Schoology class to publish whenever there's a smoke day or a heat day! Follow these steps to make a recurring meeting for each class:

1. Log into Zoom at (Remember to log in with your SSO credentials.)

2. On the far right-hand side of your screen, click Schedule a Meeting.


3. Type in your class name and period number as the title. You can skip entering any dates and times. (Note: At this time, our Zoom plan only allows for 40-minute meetings at a time. Keep that in mind when you plan each Zoom session)

4. Click the box to check Recurring Meeting. (This will be about half-way down your screen.) When you select it, more options will appear.


5. Next to Recurrence, select No Fixed Time. This will cause all date and time information to disappear. 


6. Select any other options you would like to have, then click Save at the bottom of your screen. Remember to copy the link that appears to the correct Schoology course. We recommend you have a different link for each class.



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