Change Font Online for Easier Reading

Reading on a computer is not the same as reading paper. However, there are methods we can use on a computer that will help us better process what we read on screen so that our reading comprehension increases. Try these programs to aid in online reading.

OpenDyslexic (Chrome extension)

This extension is a simple one--it changes all online fonts to the font OpenDyslexic, which was created specifically to help people with dyslexia read more easily. This font is characterized by "weighted" letters and slants to make each letter and word more distinctive.

Helperbird (Chrome extension)

The free version of Helperbird has a substantial amount of features meant to help with reading more easily online. Among those features are changes in font, screen magnification, text to speech and even a colorblindness tool. Helperbird also has higher tiers that come with more options for their users. View those options here.

BeeLine Reader (Chrome extension, $1.99/month)

BeeLine Reader has a few different modes that changes the color of the text your reading with gradients. The idea is that the gradient text helps a reader's eyes track the words on screen more easily, thus aiding in understanding. There are a few options of color choices, as well as "Focus Mode", a feature that allows distractions to be erased.

Do you have applications or programs that you find helpful, but you don't see them here? Please email to recommend them! You can help other students out with your experiences.

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