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Sometimes, taking notes with pen and paper isn't practical or possible during class. While some students might have better luck writing on a tablet, there are programs and applications that offer more assistance with organization. Try some of these to help take stronger notes in class:


Both web-based and downloadable, Evernote is a popular note-taking system. The basic version allows sync across two devices, searchable note-taking with tags, and uploads. Additionally, Evernote has different paid tiers if you would like more options when taking notes. Compare the tiers here.

Kami (Chrome extension instructions, free, individual plan $50/year or $10/month)

Even with the basic version of Kami, students will be able to annotate any documents they wish with several tools available. Students can highlight, comment, draw and create shapes on a variety of documents, including Google Docs, MS Word and PDFs. With an upgrade to an individual plan, students will also be able to record their voice, a video, or their own screen to add to their notes.

Glean (formerly Sonocent, $12/month)

Glean is a unique note-taking program that records audio. As students record a session, they can label chunks of audio as "important", "review", etc. Students can then organize and refine these recorded notes with labels and annotations after a lecture is complete. Glean has both a mobile app and a computer app for easy and subtle access.

Do you have applications or programs that you find helpful, but you don't see them here? Please email to recommend them! You can help other students out with your experiences.

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