Zoom In on Your Screen

Possibly one of the simplest and most helpful computer tools is zoom. (Not the video conferencing.) Zooming in on a screen reduces eye strain and helps those of us with prescription lenses. Try out the following programs, many of which likely already exist on your computer.

Chrome Zoom (instructions)

Because the Chrome browser is the most commonly used program at O'Dowd, it is likely that this will be the zoom feature that students can use frequently and easily when they need it. Click above to learn how to zoom in on Chrome tabs.

Mac: Zoom Screen Magnifier (Instructions)

Some of us need more than just zooming in on an email to read it. Zoom screen magnifier will zoom in on your entire screen in every program. On your Mac, you can zoom in on your screen with the built-in Zoom screen magnifier. Follow the directions linked above to get started.

Windows: Magnifier (Instructions)

Another intense screen zoom, Magnifier will zoom in on your entire screen at all times. This program is pre-installed on Windows computers. Click the instructions above for more information and to get started.

Do you have applications or programs that you find helpful, but you don't see them here? Please email to recommend them! You can help other students out with your experiences.

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