Save Your BOD Portal Password (Safari)

While the Chrome web browser will save passwords across all platforms, some iPhone owners may prefer to use Safari to navigate. Safari users can still save their passwords on their iPhone with a setting on their phone.

Important: Make your internet security a top priority. Save passwords sparingly, and never save a password that has access to sensitive information. This includes your Bishop O'Dowd Gmail account. We recommend you turn on two-step authentication for your email account and memorize its password in place of saving it.

Follow these instructions to save your BOD Portal username and password on your iPhone to use in a Safari browser:

  1. Tap the Settings icon, then tap Safari
  2. Tap on the Autofill option. 
  3. Slide the Names and Passwords slider to On to start saving passwords and usernames. 
  4. Open Safari and navigate to
  5. Enter your username and password, then click Sign In
  6. Safari will ask if you want to save the username and password. Tap Yes.
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