Remote Learning Participation Guide

During remote learning days, it can be challenging to know whether students are participating during class time. Take advantage of these tools to better monitor what your students are doing during class time:

With Schoology

Test/Quiz or Assessment: Create your "do now", exit slips, listening activities, etc. with a Test/Quiz or an Assessment. As an added bonus, Schoology will auto-grade certain types of questions for you. If the assignment is not actually a type of assessment, make sure to share that with your students (they do get scared).

Discussion: Hold written conversations with the Discussion feature on Schoology. Give students guidelines on how to post and how to answer each other well. You can see who does and does not post, so you can know instantly who isn't participating.

Google Assignments: Create a Google Doc or Google Slides template, then upload it to a Schoology assignment. Schoology will create copies for each student. You will then be able to watch, in live time, students completing your template. (This is meant for individual work. For group work, see "With Google Products" below.)

EdPuzzle Integration: If you're watching a video, have students watch through EdPuzzle. EdPuzzle will only play if students are on the EdPuzzle tab in their browser, and you can add questions that students must answer to make sure they are paying attention. We recommend the integration to better control student signups.

With Google Products

Google Slides: Share a Google Slides deck and have teams or individuals work on their own slide to take notes, answer questions, complete an activity, etc.

Google Jamboard: Share an interactive, virtual whiteboard for students to collaborate in small groups, or take screenshots/pictures of a worksheet and allow students to complete it on their computers. For more ideas, click here. (Note: Unlike other Google products, Jamboard does not have a feature that allows you to see who wrote what. If this is important, use Google Slides instead.)

Google Forms: Have students complete a "do now" or an exit slip using a Google Form. You can even create settings that will auto-grade certain results! While this is similar to the Test/Quiz and Assessment feature on Schoology, you can export results into a Google Sheet and better analyze answers.

With Other Apps

Kahoot!: A popular game, Kahoot! has a feature that allows students to work asynchronously on its Kahoots as well as a live game that can be done during a Zoom call. You can view the results and use right and wrong answers as teaching moments.

Quizizz: While similar to Kahoot!, Quizizz was initially built for a student-paced quiz experience. The game incentivizes with power ups and redos, as well as memes when they get questions right or wrong. You can see the class results on your screen and review with your class at the end of the game.

Kami (some useful features cost extra): Kami is built to make PDFs interactive. You can share a document with students that they can edit in their browser. In turn, they can share a link with you so you can collaborate with them. You can also share a document with your entire class and work together, with the ability to see who is writing what.

Pear Deck/Nearpod (some useful features cost extra): Create an interactive Google Slides presentation with Pear Deck or Nearpod and allow your students to answer questions anonymously in real time. On your own screen, you can view, comment and share student responses without sharing their identity. Give live feedback as students type, play or draw!

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