Naviance: Teacher Desk Dashboard

To access your Teacher Desk dashboard, log into Naviance.

The Teacher Desk dashboard displays a list of your recommendation requests. Sort, filter, and search options are available to help locate recommendation requests. Click on a request to open it.



There are four options to filter recommendation requests:

  • Requested: Letter of recommendation requests for which no steps are completed.
  • In Progress: Letter of recommendation requests for which at least one step is completed.
  • Submitted: Letter of recommendation requests that have been submitted to selected schools.
  • All: A list of all letter of recommendation requests, regardless of status, and including fully cancelled requests.
    Note: A fully canceled request is when the student has canceled the recommendation request for all the schools, not just one.


Nearest Deadline is the default sort order for displayed lists. The options to sort the list by First to Last, Last to First, or Requested Date are located in the Sort by: dropdown menu.

Student Search

Enter a student's name in the Student Search field to locate their recommendation details and open their request page.


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