Naviance: Completing Requests on the Student Request Page

On the Student Request page, you can access student information and see the requested college's tags, the nearest deadline, request details, and the steps to complete the recommendation request.

Requested college tabs can be blue, green, or red depending on the status of that school's request.

  • Blue tabs indicate the request is active but not submitted.
  • Green tabs indicate the request has been submitted.
  • Red tabs indicate the request for that school has been canceled.

When fulfilling letter of recommendation requests using Teacher Desk, you will be required to complete a maximum of three steps, depending upon the eDocs settings at your school.

  1. Expand Section 1, Prepare the Common App Teacher Evaluation Form, by clicking on the bar.
  2. Complete the evaluation form. If you select Yes for Do you complete applicants' academic ratings, the Ratings section will open for you to complete.
  3. Click Save. The section for Step 1 collapses. The step turns green and shows a green checkmark to indicate that it is complete.
  4. Expand Section 2, Upload Letter of Recommendation.
  5. Click Choose file and navigate to your saved letter of recommendation. Only one letter of recommendation can be uploaded for all schools.
  6. Click Upload File. The file is uploaded for each school requested by the student. A message states that Your files are ready to submit, along with options to View File, Replace File, and Delete File. (For a general request, the file is uploaded for each school that the student has added to their active application list to date.)
  7. Collapse Step 2 after it has turned green and been checked off.
  8. Expand Section 3, Submit Your Files. As soon as Section 3 is expanded, files will automatically begin to send. Be sure you are ready to send the documents before moving on to this step.

The submission status will update. Submission statuses include Requested, In Progress, Submitted, Failed, Canceled, or Blocked. If the status updates to blocked, the maximum number of letters for that school may have already been sent, or you did not have a specific request for that college.


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