Naviance: Completing Additional Student Requests after Submission

After you have fulfilled all general or specific letter of recommendation requests, you may receive additional requests for the specific colleges, or if a student made a general request, the student may add more colleges to their list of active applications.

Additional Common App Requests

Document submissions to Common App colleges/universities are "one and done".

If the Common App Teacher Evaluation and letter of recommendation have already been submitted to Common App for at least one Common App institution on behalf of a student, the documents will be automatically submitted to any subsequent Common App requests made by the student. You will not need to take any further action in Naviance.

Additional Parchment Requests

Letters of recommendation will need to be manually submitted to each Parchment institution. Submissions to Parchment member schools are not "one and done".

To send a letter of recommendation for additional Parchment requests:

  1. Click the request to access the student's Student Request page. The newly added request will be shown in blue.
  2. Expand Step 2, Upload Letter of Recommendation. The newly added request displays in the list and your previously uploaded letter of recommendation will be available to submit.
    Note: A letter of recommendation written for a specific Parchment institution can be uploaded from the eDocs > Prepare section of the Student Folder.
  3. Expand Step 3, Submit Your Files, to ensure the letter of recommendation is submitted for this school. The blue school tag will turn green to indicate submission.


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