Follow Assign from the Library

You can create assignments directly from the library of test questions. Follow these directions to create custom assignments:

Note: If you haven't already taken the survey, complete the questions to view age- and level-appropriate content in your subject area.

  1. Log into and click on Library at the top left of your screen.
  2. Choose the type of questions you would like for which grade level, then click on the corresponding subject. (Visible options boxed in red.)
  3. Choose between Practice, Free Response or Assessments (depending on the content you selected, some of these options may not appear). You can filter by standards or tags, or scroll through the questions yourself and click a pertinent topic (like the one boxed in red).
  4. When you click a topic, you will see a list of questions. Check which you'd like to use (like the red box). Click Assign, then Assign your selection. If you do not select any questions, the dropdown menu will say Assign All.
  5. Check off which classes you are assigning the work to. Click Next.
  6. Enter the information requested in the red box, like assignment title, start date, etc. then click Submit.
  7. The assignment is published to! From here, you can copy the link to your Schoology page.

In the below example, I am assigning my class of 9th graders some AP Spanish Language test prep.


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