MobileServe: Enter Hours

Enter your service hours on MobileServe with the following directions:

  1. On the MobileServe Home screen, select Log Hours.
  2. Select Log Service Hours & Location.
  3. On the Activity Details page, complete the following:
    ____ Verify that the date is correct.
    ____ Enter the number of service hours. Use decimals for portions of an hour.
    ____ Service Org is the organization you are serving. For example, type "The Living Lab" if you worked at O'Dowd's Living Lab.
    ____ Category is the type of service you are completing. Select the correct option from the drop down menu. If you don't have a category, select Non-required Hours.

    ____ Describe the work you did in the Tell Your Story section. Sophomores have an additional description section.
  4. On the Verification page, enter the following information:
    ____ Supervisor Name (required)
    ____ Supervisor Email (required)
    ____ Supervisor Signature
    ____ GPS Location
    ____ Photos
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