EdPuzzle: Getting Started

EdPuzzle is a website that allows teachers to select videos (either videos they've created or that they've selected from YouTube) and assign the videos to students for viewing. When the students view, EdPuzzle tracks their progress through the video so you will know if they've finished or not. This is the perfect tool if you would like students to take notes at home, or activate their prior knowledge before class. With other tools that allow you to ask questions during the video, you can even use this as practice or review.

Use the links below to learn how to use EdPuzzle through its website or through Schoology.

Using the EdPuzzle Website

Create an Account

Navigate EdPuzzle

Create Classes and Add Students

Manage Students

Create Assignments

Grade Assignments

Using Schoology's EdPuzzle LTI

Get Started

Create Assignment

Grade Assignment

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