EdPuzzle: Navigate the Site

When you log into EdPuzzle, this is the view you will see on your dashboard. Use the picture below and the descriptions to familiarize yourself with the system.


Discover (in red)

In the Discover section, you can browse videos from your community, your school or YouTube. There are filters to help you narrow your results to content- and grade level-specific materials.

My Content (in orange)

If you have created any videos previously on your account, they will be saved here. That way, you can reassign videos to new classes in the future. You can organize your content with folders or you can search to find the right video quickly.

My School (in yellow)

View your colleagues and their videos in this section. You can copy their videos to your own content to get a jump-start on work. This is a great space for collaboration.

My Classes (in green)

Any classes you have created will be listed here. You can also access any classes you've archived. EdPuzzle will store your grades in case you need to look back on student work.

+ Add Content (in blue)

If you would like to create a video assignment or a project, click on the blue button in the top right corner. To learn more about creating an assignment, click here.

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