EdPuzzle: Create Classes and Add Students

Before you can assign any videos, you must create classes to which you can add students. The intention is to create classes that are equivalent to your schedule, but you can create classes as you choose. To create classes:

  1. Log into EdPuzzle and click the plus sign next to My Classes.
  2. Click Create New Class.
    Note: You can create your classes through Schoology automatically. When you click Schoology, EdPuzzle will provide directions. You can also follow our directions here.
  3. Enter the information about your class, including the name of the class (e.g. Biology P7), the grade level of students and what subject it correlates to. Choose whether it will be a Classic type (recommended) or an Open type.
  4. Once you are ready, click Create class.

At this point, you can repeat these directions for all of your classes, or you can continue on to add your students to your class.

Note: These instructions only apply if you selected the Classic class type.

Follow these directions to add your students:

  1. In EdPuzzle, click on the class you want to add students to, then click Invite Students.
  2. From here, you have some options:
         a. Display the class code to students during class time and have them join then.
         b. Copy the link and paste it into Schoology to allow students to join from there, whether that is done in class or as a homework assignment. (recommended)
         c. Share an invite via email.
  3. After your class has successfully joined, you can lock your classroom so no other students can join. Do this by clicking on your class, clicking Class members, then clicking Lock classroom.
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