EdPuzzle: Create Assignments

EdPuzzle users can create assignments in several different ways. Assignments can come from other colleagues or content creators, or you can make your own. Use the instructions below for the kind of assignment you would like to create:

Create a New Video Assignment

  1. Log into EdPuzzle.
  2. Either paste a YouTube link in the search bar to use a YouTube video or click + Add content, then Upload video to use your own videos.
  3. You will be taken to the video editor when you upload a video. Here, you can cut the video, provide a voiceover (if you uploaded the video) and add questions. When you are satisfied, click Finish.
  4. To assign this video, start at step 3 in the next section titled "Use an EdPuzzle Video You Made".

Use an EdPuzzle Video You Made

  1. Log into EdPuzzle.
  2. Click on My Content, then click on the video you would like to assign.
  3. Click Assign.
  4. Select the class you would like to assign it to, the start date and due date. Click Assign.
  5. The assignment will be live. From the assignment screen, you can update the settings (such as due dates), access the assignment link by clicking Share assignment, and check student progress.

Use an EdPuzzle Video Someone Else Made

  1. Log into EdPuzzle.
  2. Use Discover to search for content that fits the lesson you would like. Click on the video.
  3. If you like the video as-is, click Assign and follow the directions starting at step 4 in the previous section "Use an EdPuzzle Video You Made".
  4. If you would like to edit the video, click Edit and follow the directions starting at step 3 in the previous section "Create a New Video Assignment".
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