EdPuzzle: Grade Assignments

Once your video assignments are open to students, you can start grading as soon as you receive a submission. EdPuzzle has made grading fairly straightforward on its videos:

  • Multiple Choice questions are auto-graded
  • Open-ended questions are manually graded

When students start submitting, here is the process you will use to grade open-ended questions:

  1. When you are logged into EdPuzzle, you will see a red dot next to classes with new submissions that need grading. Click on the class you would like to view.
  2. Click on the assignment that needs grading.
  3. Below, you can view whether the students have completed the assignment. Click on the # Answer to grade button (by the green check) to access the open-ended question grading.
  4. Grade individual students or click Mark ungraded as correct to give all students 100% on their unscored questions. EdPuzzle will then total scores.

Here is an example of an assignment view after several student submissions. You can see, from left to right, student name, how much of the video the student watched, the grade they achieved, when they last watched the video, and whether the student turned in the assignment on time or not.


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