Courses: Post a Zoom Link to Schoology

Post a Zoom link at the top of your page for emergency remote days to allow students to join your class right from the Schoology course. You may also use the link to join from Schoology, or you may bookmark your Zoom link for even faster access.

If you are creating a Zoom link for emergency remote days, we recommend putting the link at the very top of your Schoology course and keeping it "unpublished" until needed. This way, it will not distract your students, but you can quickly publish the link when it is needed instead of rushing the evening or morning of your classes.

To post a Zoom link to Schoology:

  1. On the appropriate Course page, open the Add Materials drop-down menu and click Add File/Link/External Tool.
  2. Click Link.
  3. Paste or type the URL to the correct Zoom meeting and enter a clear title (e.g. "Period 2 Zoom Link"). Next, click to both "Display in new window" and "Unpublish".
  4. Click Add. Your link will appear unpublished at the bottom of your course if you've followed these directions. We recommend you click and drag it to the very top of your course.


Are you getting this error when you click your link? Remember to have your link open in a new window by clicking the white square at the bottom of the "Add Link" window. You can access this by clicking the gear icon next to your link, then clicking Edit.


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