Turn Off Authentication For Parent Meetings

Generally, teachers at Bishop O'Dowd are set to require authentication during meetings they host. This helps ensure that only students are joining a meeting, and not anyone else. However, sometimes we want people outside of O'Dowd to join. If you want to invite a guest speaker or have a parent-teacher conference, here's how to do it:

  1. Email to request the ability to meet with a parent (or anyone that does not have an email with Bishop O'Dowd).
  2. Once you receive a response confirming you can make the change, log into Zoom on your browser.
  3. In the Meetings tab, hover over the name of the meeting you would like to change and click Edit.
  4. Next to Security, uncheck the box that says Require authentication to join.
  5. Click Save.

Now your meeting is open for anyone to join. We highly recommend to keep the waiting room on in this setting to prevent unwanted guests.


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