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When teaching multiple sections of the same course, it can be a hassle to copy assignments and ensure that everything is visible and accurate. Streamline your classes by linking them. When you link, you can control all sections from one page, which means faster posting, edits and grading. Follow the directions below to link your sections on Schoology.

Note: Once you link sections, it is strongly advised you do not unlink them. This will erase all grade records for students.

  1. Once logged into Schoology, click Courses, then click My Courses in the upper right corner.
  2. Next to one of the sections you want to link, click the gear icon, then click Link Existing Section.
    Note: You must teach more than one section of the course to link.
  3. Check off the sections you would like to link, then click Next.
  4. Schoology will want you to download a backup gradebook. Select "Standard CSV" then click Download and Next.
  5. Click Link Sections. The sections will now appear on the same line with a comma in between. When you click the Courses menu, they will also appear as one icon instead of multiple.


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