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There is a LOT going on in Kahoot! From creating and assigning your own resources to paid access to a library of content, Kahoot! can be overwhelming for first-time users. Review the screens below to get a general overview of what options you have on the site.


This is where you can access most everything you need to see, though it is cluttered with distractors. From here, you can view your profile, any Kahoot! assignments you've made (for homework or independent classwork), your recently made Kahoot! quizzes, and reports generated from Kahoot! quizzes you've recently played.

Also, on every screen, you can click Create to create a new Kahoot! quiz. It is always a blue button located in the top right corner.



For fast play, use Discover to search up Kahoot! quizzes that other users have made and shared publicly. While we advise you check them beforehand to check their accuracy, they do in a pinch! Favorite any you like so that you can view them in your library later on.



The library allows you to access your Kahoots as well as any your teammates have made. You can organize your Kahoots into folders and you can also link Kahoots into a Course that leads students through each Kahoot.



After an assignment or a live game wraps up, Kahoot saves the data into the reports tab. You can click to view who participated and what the class (and student) score was. Kahoot even pulls out names of students that it thinks need more support.



On the groups tab, you can add members from your department or other schools to share any Kahoots you make. Not everything you make will be shared automatically. You pick and choose what you share with which group. In a free account, you can create two groups.


AccessPass (Paid Subscription)

Separate from a paid tier to Kahoot! is the AccessPass, where content is created and shared with teachers on a monthly basis. Again, this is not included with other paid tiers, but is a separate subscription that can be paid yearly or monthly.


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