Unlock and Change Grades from Previous Semester To-Dos

If you need to request a grade change from a previous semester, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the request form here.
  2. The associate principal will review your request and notify you when it has been approved. Then, the tech department will contact you once the course has been unlocked.
  3. Make the change in the gradebook by following these steps:
       a. Log into PowerTeacher and access PowerTeacher Pro.
       b. Select the class from your previous semester.
       c. If necessary, enter any late grades for any assignments.
       d. Click Grading: All Reporting Terms and confirm the S1 or S2 grade has changed. You can also manually change this grade, or you can click the circular arrow to undo a grade override and allow it to auto-calculate.
  4. Reply all to the email you received confirming the final grade that you entered for the student.

Note: This change will not update transcripts. It is important you notify tech and the registrar when you have finished updating PowerSchool so your changes can be stored.


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