Flipgrid: Sign Up and Post Video Response

Follow these instructions to access your teacher's class and upload a video on Flipgrid.

  1. Go to Flipgrid and enter the join code, which your teacher will provide. The join code is a series of letters and numbers.
  2. Your teacher's account will appear. Click Join with Google and use your Bishop O'Dowd email to sign in.
  3. When you arrive in the classroom, click on the Flipgrid video assignment then click Add Response.
  4. Allow Flipgrid use of your camera and microphone. Click the circle at the bottom middle of your screen to begin recording. You can click there again to pause. Click Next when you have finished recording.
    Alternatively, click Options then click Upload Clip to import a previously recorded video.
  5. Edit the video by adding music, more video clips, or a screen recording. Click Next.
  6. If you'd like, add a caption or link, then click Post to topic.
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