Attendance: Create PDF of Seating Chart

After creating a seating chart on PowerSchool, creating a PDF of your chart is a great help for a number of reasons. It can be sent to subs if you are absent, it can be printed and put in the classroom's binder, and you can use it for attendance, participation, or other grading. Follow these directions to create a PDF of your classes' seating charts:

  1. Log into PowerSchool.
  2. Click on the seating chart icon for the class you're working on.
    Note: If you have not created a seating chart in PowerSchool, watch this video.
  3. Click on the print icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Change the destination of the print job to Save as PDF. If necessary for a better fit, change the layout from portrait to landscape.
    On a PC:
    On a Mac:
  5. Click Save. A new window will open so you can name the file and choose where it saves. Click Save when you are ready.
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