Recovering Student Grades To-Dos

One downside to keeping grades digitally is that grades can disappear without backup. This is true when a student drops your class too. If you need to recover the grades of a student who dropped your class, follow the directions below:


  1. Log into PowerSchool and click into PowerTeacher Pro.
  2. After selecting the class that the student dropped, click Students, then click Show Dropped in the upper right hand corner of the menu window.
  3. Click on the student's name. Copy the grades you need by printing the grades or writing down what you need. 


  1. Log into Schoology and navigate to the course from which the student was dropped.
  2. Click on Members in the left-hand menu, then click Add Members.
  3. Search for the dropped student's name and select them, then click Add Members.
  4. Click Gradebook in the left-hand menu. The student should appear in the gradebook list along with their previous grades. Copy the grades you need by either exporting the gradebook or writing down what you need.
  5. To remove the student from your roster, click back to the Members tab, click on the gear next to the student's name, then click Unenroll.
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