Docs: Use Comments and Suggestions

Google Docs allow users not only to type, but also to comment, communicate and suggest edits without actually altering the document. Follow the directions below to use comments and suggestions.

Use Comments

  1. In the Google Doc, highlight the text that you want the comment attached to, then click on the "Add Comment" button. You can find the button in the toolbar across the top (left image), or in a popup along the righthand side.
  2. The comment box will pop up on the right. Type a message and/or mention a collaborator with the @ symbol.
  3. Click Comment to submit the comment.
  4. The comment will post along the righthand side of the screen. When the comment has been resolved (i.e. the comment has been fixed or addressed), click the checkmark to hide the comment chain.

Add Suggestions and Accept or Decline

  1. In the Google Doc, change the mode from "Editing" to "Suggesting".
  2. Now you are in suggestion mode. You can delete, type and reformat without changing the original.
  3. To accept suggestions, click the checkmark. To decline the suggestion, click the ex.
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