Kami: Split and Merge Tool for PDFs

One of the most helpful tools in Kami is the Split & Merge tool, which allows users to combine or separate PDF files without printing and re-scanning (a waste of paper and time). Follow these steps to split up PDF documents or merge them into single files:

  1. Open the Kami extension by clicking on the puzzle piece in the upper right hand corner of your Chrome browser.
  2. Click Split & Merge, towards the center of your screen, to open the tool.
  3. Add the PDF files you would like to merge into one document or split apart into different documents. These files can come from Google Drive, One Drive or from your desktop.
  4. Once the files are added, click Next.
  5. Arrange the files as you wish by clicking and dragging the documents to separate or merge them. You can retitle the files and also rearrange the pages within a single file.
  6. When you have finished your work, click Export or Export All for multiple files.
  7. Select the file destination, then click Continue. The file will be exported to the selected destination. Rock on!
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