Kami: Schoology Integration

Even with a free account, students can still open your assignments with Kami if they have the extension installed. Here is how you can assign with Kami whether you have a free or paid account.

Free Account "Assignment"

Follow these steps to allow students the choice to use Kami to complete an assignment:

  1. All students should have Kami installed as a Chrome extension as well as an account.
  2. Create an assignment in Schoology as you normally would.
  3. Add a PDF file to the assignment.

From there, when students click to access the assignment, they can choose to open the PDF in Kami.

Paid Account Assignment

To create an assignment on Schoology with your paid Kami account, do the following:

  1. Click Add Materials: Add Assignment.
  2. Click on the Kami button.
  3. Choose the correct document from your Google Drive folder, then click Select.
  4. Fill out other details for your assignment as you normally would, including due date and point value.
  5. Click Create.


When teachers who have Kami grade in Schoology, they can check a box to use Kami tools to annotate students' work. Follow these steps to grade using Kami's tools:

  1. Click on an assignment in Schoology that needs grading.
  2. Click on a student's submitted assignment.
  3. Check the Grade with Kami box next to the grade entry box. The Kami tools will appear for you to annotate student work.

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