PeerKonnect: Request and Accept an Appointment

PeerKonnect's main purpose is to help students request appointments with peer tutors and peer counselors. Follow the directions below to request an appointment and to accept one:

Request Appointment

  1. Log into PeerKonnect.
  2. On the landing page, called Suggested Helpers, expand the Filters tab and search for the topic you would like to receive peer tutoring or peer counseling about.
  3. Find a peer tutor or peer counselor in the list on the right that can help you with the topic. At the bottom right of the peer's card, click Send Request.
  4. Request at least two (2) times that are within the peer's availability. Click Submit Request.
    Note: PeerKonnect will prompt you to choose a different time if you booked outside of their availability or if they are booked at that time.
  5. To review requests, click Sent Requests in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

Accept Appointment

Check your Bishop O'Dowd email account for an email from your tutor. They will send a confirmation as well as a Zoom link to meet.

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