Chat: Send Message to Multiple People (Phone)

Just like texting, you can also chat with multiple contacts at once. Although it can take a long time to create a group chat with several members, it will save and be available in the future for easy access. Follow the directions below to send a chat message to multiple recipients.

Note: If you are constantly messaging a full group to plan events, complete tasks and more, consider creating a Google Space instead. Click here for more information about Google Spaces.

  1. Open the Chat app. Make sure you are in your school account and tap New Chat. (You can toggle accounts by tapping on the image in the top right corner.)
  2. Search for one person you would like to send the message to. In your school account, faculty, staff and students will auto-populate, so you may search by name. Then, tap on the name.
  3. In the message, tap on the Add People symbol.
  4. Search more names, tapping each one to add it to the group, until you have the full group. Then, tap Done.
  5. Write your message and send as you normally would. All group members will receive the message and be able to respond.
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