Chat: Messages in Google Chat vs. Google Spaces

Available both in Gmail and in the Chat phone app, Google Spaces is an alternative way to communicate with your students. Spaces can allow your club, team or cast to communicate with threads, upload files and assign tasks. This is more complex than just texting; consider it more to be a discussion board or forum.

To summarize the differences, Google Chat is for a texting experience, while Google Spaces is more of an online club forum. Click here for the full Google article about Chat and Spaces.

If you are interested in creating a Google Space for your club, sport or show, follow the directions below.

Create a Google Space on Your Phone

Coming Soon

Create a Google Space in Gmail

  1. Navigate to Gmail and click on the Spaces icon on the left-hand side.
  2. Click New Space.
  3. Complete the information about the Space you are creating, then click Create.
  4. Start using your Space! Send a message, upload a file or assign tasks.
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