Digital Signage Creation and Submission Guide

If you'd like to post an announcement on the O'Dowd TV screens (located in the cafeteria, annex, main entrance, and hallways), please follow the guidelines below to ensure timely announcement delivery.

Making the Sign

  1. Dimensions. This refers to the width (3840 pixels) and height (2160 pixels) of the TV slide.
  2. Visual Design. Depending on the font, the recommended minimum text size for regular fonts is 30. For bolded text, minimum size is 24. To be on the safe side, go for a larger font (36+).

    Note that with the signs in the Center, attention must be given to ensuring that content is clean and sharp on these larger displays as well as the smaller ones around campus.

    You are not required to use the O'Dowd colors in your digital signage submissions, but you are welcome to reference the school's official colors below:


  3. Content (if applicable). Include the 4Ws (who, what, where, when). If you need to include the "why", try to do it with images to avoid having too much text. Think of the announcement slide as a billboard.

  4. File Type. Save your design as a PNG or JPG.

  5. Recommended: Canva
    Other tools: PiktoChart, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Adobe Photoshop


Submitting the Sign for Posting

The televisions around campus are available for you to advertise for a club, an event, meeting, etc. Each posting is scheduled to play for one (1) week only, beginning on Monday and ending on Friday. In order to post to the O'Dowd digital signage, you must adhere to following steps:

  1. Create your post using the guidelines above.
  2. Submit request to by the Friday before the week you want your slide to run. This email must include when to start showing the slide (any Monday), how many weeks you want it to run and an attachment of the slide (jpg or png).

If you don't make the Friday deadline with a sign that adheres to the guidelines above, your slide will not run the following week. Follow all instructions carefully to ensure your slide gets published!

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