Hourly Employees Timecard

Hourly Employees 

Hourly employees must use the ADP website to track their hours.


View Timecard

Log in at with your USER ID and password.


If you are a first time user, please obtain a Personal Registration Code (PRC) from Joan Grell in the Business Office.

At the top of the homepage, click on MYSELF, then click on Time and Attendance, then click on My Timecard.



Hours Worked

Enter your hours worked.  If you are working over a period of 5-8 hours you must take a lunch break.  You will have to add a row to that day and log your In and Out hours after your lunch break.  


Tips for easy entering:

  • You must specify PM.  The default is AM.  Alternatively, you can use a 24 hour clock.
  • If you enter your Time In and skip to enter Hours, your Time Out will automatically fill in.
  • The Pay Codes column only needs entries for missed time.  For time worked, no pay code is needed.

Add, Copy, Delete Row

Click on the 3 bars at the far left of Timecard to open the row menu.  





Enter Missed Time

To enter any missed time, such as time off for sick days or vacation, enter the hours you took off, then select a Pay Code to specify what the hours were for.


Use the drop down menu to select the PAY CODE for your time off.  

Note: The Pay Codes listed will be specialized depending on your contract.


Save Timecard

Save your timecard often.  Click on the SAVE button at the bottom of your timecard to save it. 


A Saving Timecard window will show up, and let you know if you have any errors that must be corrected.  If there are no errors, the window will disappear and your changes will be saved.  If there are errors, you must fix them before you can save your Timecard.



Approve Timecard

After you have entered your time for the pay period and saved your timecard, you must approve your timecard.  

Click on APPROVE TIMECARD button, located at the top-right of your timecard.  Then click on the APPROVE button at the pop up window.




The date and time you approved your timecard will be shown.



Add Note or Print Timecard

If you want to add a general note to your timecard or print your timecard, click on the bars to the left of Timecard and click on either Add Note or Print Timecard.






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