MobileServe: Overview and FAQ


MobileServe is an app that allows you to enter and track your service hours for Bishop O'Dowd's service projects. For instructions on how to use MobileServe, check out the articles below:

Enter Service Hours

Sign Up for Service in the Living Lab

Enter Living Lab Service Hours

Edit or Delete a MobileServe Log


I signed in to a Living Lab special event, but the hours are not correct. How can I fix them?

If your hours are showing up incorrectly, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to fix them.

Why don't the hours I've logged show up on my home screen?

All hours you log on MobileServe are recorded under “Pending” until they are verified by the site supervisor (via the email address you provided when you logged hours) and approved by your grade-level Service Learning Coordinator. You can see your pending hours by toggling to “Pending” on your home screen (located under the number of hours in the middle of the screen).

What do I need to get my service hours approved?

You need to carefully complete the Verification page when you log hours. If the supervisor’s email is incorrect, they will not be able to verify your hours. Adding additional verification options, such as signature, GPS location, and photographs, will help your grade level Service Learning Coordinator approve your service hours more quickly.

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