EdPuzzle LTI: Get Started

While the EdPuzzle site has a lot to offer, it may be easier to assign EdPuzzle videos right from the comfort of Schoology. While you will still use the EdPuzzle site to search for or create content, assign your videos through Schoology to keep your grades all in one place.

If you would prefer to use the EdPuzzle LTI through Schoology, follow these steps to get your classes started.

Note: If you have linked courses, the students will all be a part of the same class in the EdPuzzle LTI.

  1. In the Schoology class you are setting up, click Add Materials, then click EdPuzzle.
    Don't see EdPuzzle as an option? Email Tech Support at for help installing the EdPuzzle LTI Integration.
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts to create your account or sign in and set up your class preferences.
  3. When you have completed your setup, you will be able to see your own content from EdPuzzle. If you need to create content on EdPuzzle, follow the directions to create a new video assignment (steps 1-3) here.

After you have created your classes, learn how to assign a video here.

Learn how to grade an assignment here.

For EdPuzzle's official instructions and FAQ, click here.

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