EdPuzzle LTI: Create Assignment

There are several steps to creating an EdPuzzle video assignment through the EdPuzzle LTI app on Schoology. Follow these instructions to get started:

  1. Ensure that the video you want to assign is available in My Content on EdPuzzle. Read more about creating content on EdPuzzle here.
  2. In the Schoology course, click Add Materials, then EdPuzzle.
  3. Your content will load. Select the video you would like to use.
  4. Review the video if you would like. Then click Next.
  5. Adjust the settings on the video, then click Assign. This will create the assignment, but without the due date.
  6. To add a due date, click the gear to the right of the assignment on your main Schoology page, then click Edit.
  7. In the Edit screen, check off the box labeled Enable Grading and fill in the information as you normally would. You may also retitle the assignment. When you are ready, click Save Changes.
  8. Now your assignment will be visible with the due date, including in the Upcoming list for students.

Learn how to grade an assignment here.

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