Submit Work: Edit and Submit PDF Worksheet

Several teachers may upload worksheets as a PDF onto Schoology for you to complete. If you are already comfortable editing PDFs, you can complete worksheets using your preferred method and upload the file to Schoology. If you would like to install a PDF editor, you may choose to install one of two programs to edit the PDF. Choose which works best for you:

  • Kami (Chrome extension instructions): Kami is a newer PDF editor that runs through your browser. In Kami, you can annotate and edit PDFs as well as add comments for your teacher to see. As an added bonus, Kami communicates with your Google Drive as well as with Schoology. This makes saving and uploading to Schoology much easier across platforms.
  • FoxIt (Mac instructions / Windows instructions): FoxIt is a PDF editing program that downloads to your hard drive. In the program, which runs offline, you can annotate and edit PDFs, then export your annotated PDF and upload to Schoology. While this does not link to Google Drive or Schoology, you can work offline as necessary.

In the future, you can also print the PDF out and complete it by hand, then submit a picture of the completed PDF to Schoology. Check with your teacher to see if they have a preference. 

Follow these steps to submit an edited PDF with the listed programs:


  1. Log into Schoology and click on the assignment with the attached PDF.
  2. Click on the Open with Kami button.
  3. Complete the worksheet in your browser.
  4. Click Turn In in the upper right hand corner and follow the prompts to submit it to Schoology.


  1. Log into Schoology and click on the assignment with the attached PDF.
  2. Download the PDF.
  3. Open the PDF file in FoxIt and complete the worksheet.
  4. Save your annotations.
  5. Upload the annotated PDF to Schoology for submission following these steps.
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