Reports: Email Class Roster and/or Parents and Guardians

For email communication with students or parents, or in case of a Schoology outage, a smoke day, or any other unforeseen event, PowerSchool allows for quick emailing of your entire roster. 

You can also set up an email group for each class ahead of time, which will allow you to skip copying emails from PowerSchool in the future when you email that group.

Follow these instructions to mass email an entire class:

  1. Log into PowerTeacher.
  2. Next to the course you would like to contact, click the Information button.
  3. Check the box next to All Students, then click Copy Emails.
  4. Navigate to Gmail. Click Compose, then paste the student emails into the BCC section of your email draft. Then write your email as you normally would.
    Note: BCC (blind carbon copy) means that the students will only see that they were emailed. They will not be able to see their other classmates or "reply all". Not only does this maintain privacy, but it saves you a possible headache!

Note: If you would like to mass email parents/guardians, check the All Contacts box in step 3 (located on the right) instead of--or in addition to--the All Students box.

If you would like to include a student's counselor in the email, check the box of the counselor that is in the same row of that specific student.

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